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2019-2020 Cannington Figureskating club AGM Agenda

7pm Virtual Meeting

1 - Call to order
2 - Welcome
3 - Notice of Quorum
4 - Any New Business
5 - Approval of Agenda
6 - Presentation of Reports
Presidents Report
Registrar Report
Coach Report
Fundraising Report
7 - Election of Officers 20-21
8 - Other business Covid-19 Update
9 - Adjournment

The meeting will take place on Zoom. Please see below for the link

Message From The President

Hello Cannington Figure Skating Club Skaters and Parents,

We hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy during this time. We look
forward to seeing everyone back on the ice this October. We are working hard
already to make sure that skating happens this year in Cannington and want
you to know that we will be sharing more details with families once we have
more information from the township and Skate Canada.

With that said, we are moving forward with completing the wrap up of last
season with our Annual General Meeting.

The meeting will be held onWednesday July 15, 2020 at 7:00pm on the Zoom
link below. We will be sharing the highlights of the 2019/2020 season and
hope that you will be able to join us!

You will find attached the agenda for the meeting. We will be posting the
reports noted in the agenda on our website atwww.canningtonfigureskatingclub
.ca prior to the AGM meeting next Wednesday.

We have some open positions available on the board if you are interested in
joining or learning more about being a board member.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the club. We look
forward to seeing everyone on Zoom!

Lisa Dunnett
Cannington Figure Skating Club

Topic: Cannington Figure Skating Club Annual General Meeting

Time: Jul 15, 2020 07:00PMAmerica/Toronto

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Meeting ID: 838 6791 7688

Password: cfsc

President 2019-2020 Report

Good Evening, my name is Lisa Dunnett and I am the president of the
Cannington Figure Skating Club. This is my last official duty as club
president as I am stepping down. The 2019-2020 season has been a successful
endeavor with many families joining our club and many skaters enjoying
success on the ice.

To start I would like to say a big thank you to all our board of directors
who make sure everything is booked, scheduled, registered, updated, recorded
, and tallied. I thank you for your hours of hard work and investment in our
club. I would like to thank Kelly O’Grady for her Guidance over this past

Thank you to our coaches Samantha Rushton and Ashleigh Gentle for your many
dedicated hours and the support of our skaters throughout the year.
We would like to thank our PAs for all their hard work.
Our club consists of 10 executive members, 29 skaters, and 2 coaches.
Some of the highlights of the past season. We did our annual beer bottle
drive with the help of the Lions Club. We held four youth dances at the
Legion. We purchased a new Cannington Figure Skating Club Banner. Organized
our Can skate and Executive cupboards, Redesigned our bulletin board at the
arena. Some of the new fundraisers we did this year were Chocolate bars,
Krispy Kreme Donuts, and Sign Making. Our skaters and families enjoyed our
skate with Santa Night, Halloween theme night, Valentines theme night,
Pajama Night, Wacky Helmet night. All skaters had the opportunity to be
skaters of the week.
We had our Annual Carnival Planned and Prepped but unfortunately do to Covid
19 it was cancelled along with our annual family banquet.
We thank the parents for your support sending your children to skate and
achieve their goals.

In closing, this club is only possible with the great group of volunteers
and coaches. Thanks again to the unbelievable energy of our dedicated and
devoted executive, coaches and skating families. This has been a great year.

Lisa Dunnett

Treasurer/Registrar's Report:- Jennifer Gourlie

We started the 2019/2020 season anticipating a end of year shortfall of a
$3,700.00. While we were unable to complete all of our fundraising, we did
have significantly more skaters registered than originally predicted. We
were able to finish our season with a much smaller shortfall of $800.

Due to the closure of the arena and Legion caused by Covid 19, we did
suffer a loss in some of our fundraising ventures. Our annual carnival, our
March dance and our suspended spring flower campaign netted a loss of
approximately $2,000 in funding which would have left us in a positive
position. Because of this, I have requested a ice fee forgiveness from the
township for the same amount. The matter was put forth at the July 13th
council meeting. A response to the request should be forthcoming.

The fundraising ventures, organized and implemented by Denise Campbell
brought in $3,500.00. The largest amount came from the Krispy Kreme
donuts. With minimal skater/parent involvement, we were still able to raise
over $1,000.

The club had a total of 29 registered skaters. 80% of our registrants
were full season with the remaining 20% being half season.

Coaches Report - Samantha Rushton

We had 29 members total this season.
We had 6 PreCan Skaters in the fall 2019.
We had 8 CanSkaters for the fall session and 13 for the winter.
We had 5 PreStar Skaters for the entire season.
We had 4 StarSkate participants for the whole season.

Our club was very happy to welcome 11 new skaters this season. Over half
of the skaters on this session were new skaters. We were also very
happy to welcome back our 18 returning skaters.

Our club is continuing to grow slowly every year and I am pleased
to say, with the help of our volunteers and membership we were
able to open this club for another season. Many returning participants
stepped up this year to help our club open again by being on the board.
This year we had a few other board members participate whom had no skaters
in the program who showed up every week. These volunteers have worked so
hard every week, from 6pm till 8pm to make sure our programs run

This year we were very fortunate to have many of our older skaters
volunteer every week as Program Assistants on our CanSkate program.
We also had PAs help us even though they don't skate with us. Without
these PAs we would not have been able to create an amazing CanSkate program
for the many younger skaters who look up to these older skaters. We had
9 consistant PAs this year who were all wonderful helpers and we were
so happy that each one of them could volunteer their time with us.

This year was very unfortunate the skaters could not show off the skills
they have learned throughout the year at our end of the year carnival.
Each and every one of these skaters have worked so hard and they all
have improved one way or another and we can't wait to see the results at
next years carnival.

Every year our program improves and this year we were able to hand out
the CanSkate ribbons and badges weekly on the same day they achieved

All though it was a very unusual and tough year for everyone, we all stuck
together and got through this season as a club and I hope we will continue
to grow as a club and have many more years to come.

I can't wait to see you all next season back on the ice with more new

Samantha Rushton
CFSC Coach.

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